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Workers Compensation Subpoenas:

Our professional and experienced staff will verify all pertinent information upon receipt of orders and ensure timely and accurate delivery of subpoenas to the deponents and notices to all parties.

Our staff closely monitors issued subpoenas and contact deponents to ensure timely record submissions. Clients are advised of order status via telephone, email and mail. Upon receipt, records are copied or scanned and made available to the client in a variety of formats.

With Universal Copy Service:

  • We offer Customized programs to fit your facility’s unique needs. Our flexibility is
    unmatched by any other in this industry.
  • We work with you in designing a program that directly benefits your facility.
  • We use advanced computers, digital scanning equipment, and printers to provide your
    requestor with clear, high quality laser copies. We developed this state-of-the-art
    system over eight years ago for our exclusive use.
  • Our system meets HIPAA privacy standards.
  • We provide you with computer generated reports of all requests processed. Reports are
    printed and left with you at the end of each service visit.
  • We copy all of your requests without limitations or rations for billable vs. not billable.
  • Our representatives are professional, courteous, and fully trained in handling Release information.
  • We provide follow-up customer service to your facility and to the requestors of medical
    records. We ensure that your requestors are fully satisfied, too!
  • Our representative and staff understand that we work for you!

We Offer Additional Services that most other copy services Don't have, such as:

Worker's Comp

Subpoena for Witness to Appear/Subpoena for Witness to Appear AND Produce - If during the course of your case, you may need to command the appearance of a witness at trial, hearing or deposition to give testimony and/or produce documents. Should this need arise, we offer the services of preparing and serving either a Subpoena for Witness to Appear of Subpoena for Witness to Appear and Produce.

Petition for Increased Benefits Pursuant to Labor Code Section 132(a) - For cases that involve violations of Labor Code Section 132(a), we can quickly and effectively conduct personal service on the employer so your client can get the increased benefits he or she deserves.

Petition for Increased Benefits for Serious & Willful Misconduct of Employer (Labor Code Section 4551 -4553.1) For cases in which the Serious & Willful misconduct of the employer is the cause of injury, we can quickly and effectively conduct personal service on the employer so your client can get the increased benefits he or she deserves.

Cal-O.S.H.A. Inspections - If you need a copy of a Cal-O.S.H.A. inspection to prove the Serious & Willful Misconduct of the Employer, we'll prepare the request and get the records to you in record time.

Petition for Discovery Order/Order to Appear and Produce (Compel) - If a location fails or refuses to comply with a subpoena for records, we'll prepare all the documents you need to file a Petition for Discovery Order (for party deponents) or Petition for Order to Appear and Produce (For non-party deponents) so you can be assured that we will do everything possible to obtain the records you requested.

When you work with Universal Copy Service, you are utilizing the services of a company that is experienced and qualified in Workers Compensation. Based on your needs we will customize a comprehensive program to meet your correspondence objectives to provide you with the maximum possible benefit. Each program is designed to compliment and enhance your operations.