Workers's Compensation

Workers Compensation:

Subpoena for Witness to Appear/Subpoena for Witness to Appear AND Produce - If during the course of your case, you may need to command the appearance of a witness at trial, hearing or deposition to give testimony and/or produce documents. Should this need arise, we offer the services of preparing and serving either a Subpoena for Witness to Appear of Subpoena for Witness to Appear and Produce.

LC 3716 Special Notice of Law Suit (SNOL) - A Form served On the employer in Workers compensation cases to obtain jurisdiction over illegally uninsured.

WCAB - Request for public records pertaining to a specific case number.

WCIRB - California Worker's compensation insurance provides businesses and their employee's protection from the financial impact of the job accidents. It annually provides benefits to more than 600,000 Californians and today covers approximately 550,000 California employers.To accurately measure the cost of providing these benefits, the WCIRB performs a number of functions, including collection of premium and loss data on every worker compensation insurance policy, examination of policy documents, inspections of insured businesses, and test audits of insurance companies. Each of these activities helps ensure the quality of the WCIRB's data.
Once the data is collected, complex statistical and actuarial techniques are used by the WCIRB to produce advisory pure premium rates for worker's compensation insurance. These advisory rates are used as a benchmark for insurance companies as they develop their own premium rates for specific types of businesses. The information is also used to produce experience modifications for eligible employers.

Record Retrieval - We will obtained any and all records pertaining to your Worker's Compensation case.

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